Thursday, January 12, 2012

Vic Sotto - Pauleen Luna Love Affair Confirmed!

Is Vic Sotto (57) having an affair with the rather younger Pauleen Luna (23)?  There have been rumors about these two, although neither parties confirmed or denied it at first. But recently, their relationship was confirmed by  Ricky Lo in his Philippine Star column, Funfare.

When was the first time these two meet? If I am right, these two love birds first saw each other way way back years ago -1995 during the Little Miss Philippines segment of Eat Bulaga. Pauleen Luna was then 6 years old. Vic Sotto as well all know hosted the show.

More or less 17 years later, the contestant and the host is now one of the most talked about showbiz couples, welcoming year 2012 with a "bang". Bizarre pair as it may seem, but these two are happy, unmindful of what other people have to say about their new found love for each other, and the awkwardness of the other partner's (X Pia Guanio) presence in one same show (Eat Bulaga).

So will this new couple last? Will Vic Sotto finally settle down?  I am no seer of things. Am nothing like Nostradamus. But if my guesses will serve me right, Vic Sotto is not the marrying type. He won't be marrying Pauleen or any woman for that matter.  

Now as for the likelihood of another bizarre pair in the future still involving "the man", hmmm.. I've got a few candidates in my list-- topping it is  Jillian Ward.. Just bear in mind, I have no magical power to see things, so my guesses have no predictive value....  just my two cents. :)

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Anonymous said...

well,kung san sila masaya..gogogo..

Anonymous said...

Cn po b ang nk pasa sa audition n2 april 25,2012 sa Little Miss Phillipines.thanks po sa mga dabarkads...

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